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**What some of our students/clients say**

hi just want  to say a huge thankyou ... for the wonderful workshop he just tutored.I feel like my life has been enhanced so much! Your energy is truly amazing!!! Bless you. Gloria.:) May 2017

"over years I have been on many training courses but this day goes straight to the top of the list." Howell James Apr 2017

"the day was very well formatted - breaking down our inhibitions without us even really noticing. I've been wanting to try acting again for a long time, and it was exactly what I needed." Antonia Skelton Jan 2017

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Schools and community


These workshops are aimed at Schools with students coming from south Asian cultural backgrounds and schools who wish to explore this areana as part of thier drama/performing arts programme. 

We believe that the arts offer a unique way to work with each other. Drama and theatre can:

• develop communication skills
• develop cultural literacy
• celebrate our similarities and differences
• Enable an understanding of time and place
• To develop an understanding of the diverse and complex global culture we are part of

We can offer bespoke services to your school or education organisation. Here we have given you some sample programmes that we offer.

• Exploring The Mahabharata
• Exploring The Ramayana
• Contemporary plays with representations of Asian and ethnic minority characters
• Poems of Tagore
• Tagore's plays
• History of Indian Theatre( lecture & discussion based)
• Bollywood Dance

We also offer the following longer workshops:


5 week programme

Unleashing Creativity

Each workshop will last an hour and will be useful for pupils not used to working using drama. We will use games and improvisation in the early sessions and end the course exploring a short piece of text.


Developing oracy through practical drama.

This series of one hour workshops uses drama games and improvisation exercises in order to develop oracy and presentation skills. The work will focus on vocal and physical expression and will avoid working on the representation of other human beings. At the end of the 5 weeks students will give a group presentation to demonstrate and celebrate their developing skills.

Adults Minimum 16 Years Old


Time: 10am – 4pm
Fee: £295 (£15 school uniform)
Minimum Age: 16 years

This intensive week of dynamic classes will allow you to develop your skills as a performer. In a creative and nurturing environment, you will explore techniques which will enhance your communication and performance skills. Working as a company of actors, you will explore efficient use of voice and body as you study a selection of theatre practitioners and acting methodologies.

Using storytelling, improvisation and drama games you will also have the opportunity to explore the process of collaborating to devise work as a company.

Ideal for students wishing to explore their creativity and experience conservatoire training at drama schools. The course will culminate in a performance to an invited audience.