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**What some of our students/clients say**

hi just want  to say a huge thankyou ... for the wonderful workshop he just tutored.I feel like my life has been enhanced so much! Your energy is truly amazing!!! Bless you. Gloria.:) May 2017

"over years I have been on many training courses but this day goes straight to the top of the list." Howell James Apr 2017

"the day was very well formatted - breaking down our inhibitions without us even really noticing. I've been wanting to try acting again for a long time, and it was exactly what I needed." Antonia Skelton Jan 2017

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Diploma in acting - Fully Booked 2017

The Hampstead Academy awards its own 1-Year Diploma in Acting, offering students a structured, comprehensive course in actor-training.

The training equips students with the necessary technique, understanding and experience to work in today’s industry. The Diploma’s curriculum covers the breadth of acting disciplines and HAAD is committed that all students graduate fully able to pursue rewarding careers as actors.

Through the combination of technical and personal exploration, HAAD strives to produce actors of the highest calibre, who are skilled, articulate, reflective and aware. We want actors who can define themselves clearly within the industry and contribute dynamically to it.

See below for a Curriculum Overview and details of How to Register.

(PLEASE NOTE: This is not an accredited course and does not carry points towards a degree)


Curriculum overview

Term 1

The goal of the first term is to lay solid technical foundations in acting, movement and voice. Work is focused on the development of the actor’s instrument.

Acting Fundamentals:

  • You will be introduced to the acting approaches of key practitioners: Stanislavski, Meisner, Hagen, Adler, Strasberg and others.
  • Main areas of technique covered include: concentration, imagination, contact/response, actions/objectives, emotional work, improvisation.
  • Texts will be used to put specific technical ideas into practice.

Introduction to Movement:

  • The aim of all movement-based work is to heighten bodily awareness and expand physical range.
  • You will learn how the body relates to space and develop the expressive capabilities of your own physicality.
  • You will be introduced to various ways of approaching and embodying the physical life of characters.

Introduction to Voice:

  • Voice classes will develop your vocal production technique and expand your overall vocal range.
  • You will explore how breath, body, alignment, resonators and articulators function in the actor’s vocal technique.
  • You will learn how to approach characters from a vocal perspective, with particular emphasis on accent and dialectal features.


Term 2

Term 2 continues the core training in acting, movement and voice but also introduces text-based work so actors can experiment with work on a role.


  • Term 1’s training is consolidated and intensified, with actors introduced to increasingly complex exercises and technical demands.
  • Actors are encouraged to develop their own approach to work and to understand their own instrumental needs.


  • Movement work continues and extends to exploring how the body is used in specific theatrical traditions, covering physical theare, mask-work, clowning and theatre-making.


  • Voice classes move towards tackling the demands posed by classical texts, with particular focus on the challenges of verse.


  • Various contemporary texts are introduced in Term 2 so actors can apply their developing craft to scene work.
  • You will investigate the fundamentals of textual analysis and the process of getting a text ‘up on its feet’.
  • You will work on numerous plays that have been instrumental in shaping the history of theatre.

Term 3

Term 3 aims to prepare students for graduation and life as a working actor. Work covered includes performance, acting for screen and industry advice.


  • You and your group will devise and perform a new piece of writing under the guidance of a professional playwright/director.
  • This devising process will allow the group’s collective identity to find its expression, and you the opportunity to take ownership for the creation of a character.
  • This is an intensive period of work and you will be expected to develop ideas and material outside of taught sessions.
  • The piece will be performed in a professional venue before a select audience of HAAD faculty members and industry professionals.

Acting for Screen

  • These sessions will focus on the various skills and acting styles required when working in front of a camera.
  • These include audition technique, different genres of TV, acting for various camera shots, and the overall realities and etiquette of being ‘on-set’.

Industry advice

  • These sessions will be led by industry professionals who will advise you on the general and specific challenges facing actors of Asian and Ethnic backgrounds.


How to register

Please call the Hampstead Academy directly on 020 7979 2015/07930 322103 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to register, where more information on fees, dates, requirements, eligibility is available.