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**What some of our students/clients say**

hi just want  to say a huge thankyou ... for the wonderful workshop he just tutored.I feel like my life has been enhanced so much! Your energy is truly amazing!!! Bless you. Gloria.:) May 2017

"over years I have been on many training courses but this day goes straight to the top of the list." Howell James Apr 2017

"the day was very well formatted - breaking down our inhibitions without us even really noticing. I've been wanting to try acting again for a long time, and it was exactly what I needed." Antonia Skelton Jan 2017

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Training at HAAD

The Hampstead Academy nurtures the talents of students using a holistic, conservatoire-style training. Students will experience training in three key areas:
  • Acting
  • Voice
  • Movement

Acting – practitioners featured within the training include Stanislavski, Meisner and Uta Hagen.

Voice – students will understand the effective use of breath and voice in order to have impact.

Movement – exploring physical neutrality in order to shed the ‘habitual’ body and aid character development.

Our tutors place great emphasis on developing the actor as an individual. Using a mixture of drama games, acting exercises, group discussion, peer feedback and one-to-one tutorials. Hampstead Academy tutors are able to identify the strengths and areas for improvement for all students. We excel in pastoral care and ensuring that each student is mentored throughout their training whether they are enrolled on a weekly term-time course, diploma or adult business courses.

The Academy has a scholarship programme for some exceptionally talented individuals: each student applying for the HAAD is eligible for a scholarship non-dependant on a specific course. For more information on scholarships, please contact the Hampstead Academy directly on telephone number 07930 322103.

HAAD tutors

Hapstead Academy tutors are established actors, directors and theatre practitioners currently working in the industry. Our tutors have trained students at accredited drama schools in the UK and internationally. As working professionals, the Academy’s tutors are current and their training is relevant and up-to-date with regard to trends and methodologies in this ever-developing industry.

To find out more about the HAAD staff, please click the relevant links below for biographies.

Rebecca Baxter                                   Bruce Wooding 
Head of academic administration         Board Member



  Ellen Newman                                         Ben Onwukwe                   


Renu Arora                                                    Emma Vane


Andrew Cuthbert                                          Suresh Patel


Craig Blake                                                   Eamon Haughian


Darren Rapier                                         Gerard Flanagan