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**What some of our students/clients say**

hi just want  to say a huge thankyou ... for the wonderful workshop he just tutored.I feel like my life has been enhanced so much! Your energy is truly amazing!!! Bless you. Gloria.:) May 2017

"over years I have been on many training courses but this day goes straight to the top of the list." Howell James Apr 2017

"the day was very well formatted - breaking down our inhibitions without us even really noticing. I've been wanting to try acting again for a long time, and it was exactly what I needed." Antonia Skelton Jan 2017

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Summer School


For information on our Summer School for youth, please click on the link below:




Led by an industry expert who has worked in TV and radio soap opera for the BBC, this summer school course will put the art of soap opera into your hands. The group will devise the location, characters, stories and publicity materials for a brand new YouTube-based audio soap.

By creating an actual product available for the public to hear, participants will learn many of the key skills for writing "continuing drama". Continuing drama is one of the most popular forms of drama, particularly on TV; whether you're an actor or a writer, on this summer school course you'll become a creative deviser learning skills to help you into the industry.

Dates: TBC

Times: 4.30 - 9.30pm

Price: £180



By the end of this workshop all the participants will have a theatre writing credit to their name, with their work performed in front of an audience. Using an eye-catching title as the catalyst and jumping off point, each participant will contribute their own segment to a themed drama. The workshop will allow writers to build up a useful kitbag of skills for writing drama; explore structural devices; develop dialogue-writing skills to evoke character; have one-to-one sessions with the tutor; and discover existing plays to draw inspiration from.
The final showing will see the participants' drama segments brought together to coalesce as a themed piece.

Dates: TBC

Times: 4.30 - 9.30pm

Price: £180


Learning objectives for writing courses

Participants will learn:
• How to get started, gain inspiration, draw on your own experiences for stories, as well as step into unknown areas of imagination.
• Creation of characters with their own specific way of speaking, and relating to the world around them.
• Dialogue writing skills – imparting character, physicality, back story and culture through characters' speech.
• Location and environment's effect on stories and character expression.
• Devices for theatre, radio and TV – quirks and tricks that keep the audience engaged and the storytelling lively.
• Structure – how to tell dramatic stories in a clear and compelling way.
• Differing demands of drama genres: soap opera, theatre play, radio drama, dramatic monologue, musical, etc.
• Presentation of scripts – the formatting used in professional industry settings for laying out scripts for production.
• How to target work to the Industry; and the range of career opportunities.